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New Opportunities Fund
government resources

The Dfee Department for Education and Employment

New and revised site. Much more portal looking and easier to navigate. The parent site for all government related education issues.

Teacher Training Agency

Another government site with a new face. Now it is much more sophisticated looking and is aimed at recruiting new teachers to the profession. Still full of useful material and you may wish to have brief look at the online tests all student teachers now have to take.

Hotlinks to approved NOF training providers

Standards and Effectiveness Unit The Standards Site

The place to find Schemes of Work for Key Stages 2 and 3. Lost your copy? Find it here in PDF or MS Word format.

Includes specialist areas for Literacy, Numeracy, Pupil Performance and more..

The National Curriculum The purpose of the National Curriculum website is to provide teachers with a useful tool that aids delivery of the revised National Curriculum for England in schools. It aims to do this by giving them easy access to the text of the National Curriculum, and links to other sites that offer teaching guidance and resources. As time progresses, these links will be more and more closely integrated into the pages that show the National Curriculum content. click here....

Virtual Teacher Centre

The Virtual Teacher Centre

All new look for the VTC. Looks a lot better and easier to navigate. They have retained the popular software database section, discussion groups and resource exchange.

British Educational Communications Technology Agency

News and Comment
Life Long Learning
Technology advice and information

The National Grid for Learning

Safe use of the internet and computers

Search the NGfL

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

About QCA

What's New



Inspection Reports


Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (CILT)
CILT is the national centre of expertise for modern foreign language
teaching in the UK. CILT is an educational charity, partially funded by
the Department for Education and Skills, whose remit is to promote a
greater national capability in modern foreign languages.


National Advisory Centre on Early Language Learning (NACELL)
The NACELL website is dedicated to the teaching of modern foreign
languages in the primary classroom and has information on primary MFL
resources including a searchable database of language learning materials
and links to online resources.

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