The Dfee More spending power for schools & less red tape

A package of bold measures to give headteachers more control over their own budgets and to free up time spent on bureaucracy has been announced by Education and Employment Secretary David Blunkett. To find out more, click here...

Standards and Effectiveness Unit Framework for teaching mathematics: Year 7
This document is available here for you to download, view and print. It extends the Framework for teaching mathematics from Reception to Year 6 to Year 7 and is intended as a bridge from the Key Stage 2 to the Key Stage 3 programme of study. click here....

The National Curriculum The purpose of the National Curriculum website is to provide teachers with a useful tool that aids delivery of the revised National Curriculum for England in schools. It aims to do this by giving them easy access to the text of the National Curriculum, and links to other sites that offer teaching guidance and resources. As time progresses, these links will be more and more closely integrated into the pages that show the National Curriculum content. click here....  

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