4 to 6 yrs - Numbertime
KS1 help with numbers. Great games for children and resources for parents and teachers.

4 to 8 yrs - Little Animals Activity Centre
Have fun and learn with our games, activities and animated story.

5 to 9 yrs - DynaMo
Make maths fun and help your child's development with interactive learning games.

7 to 9 yrs - Numberwork
Help your children develop their mathematical skills.

7 to 10 yrs - Megamaths
Try using numeracy skills to work out the mega tables.

7 to 11 yrs - Revisewise - Maths
KS2 Activities, factsheets and tests for numbers, data handling and shape, space and measure.

The Numeracy Hour at Ambleside Primary.

Excellent place for interactive numeracy resources. If you have an interactive whiteboard these activities will bring it to life as a real tool for teaching numeracy. If not they're still brilliant!!

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