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Mathematics NRichment
After five years NRICH has thousands of members from 100 countries and many more regular users.
Everything is free. School students, teachers and those professionally involved in education are welcome to join. On the first of each month (except August and January) the site provides new magazines for school students of all ages with an emphasis on mathematical activity. NRICH publishes children's solutions to mathematical challenges. NRICH provides an answering service and many special interest discussion groups.

Maths Year 2000
This site is for people of all ages and abilities. It aims to provide resources, games, puzzles, information and interesting news in the world of mathematics. You can also find out about Maths Year 2000 and how you, your school, business or organisation can get involved in the year.

The National Numeracy Strategy
The Standards Site is developing tools to enable you to search and browse the Framework for Teaching Mathematics and to customise the materials for your own use.

Numeracy from Ambleweb
A wealth of interactive teaching programs form Ambleside CE Primary School. Well worth a visit.

Provides a range of stories with a mathematical slant. These make great starting points for investigations and discussions. Good for number, data-handling and applying maths too. A good resource for primary maths teachers and the Numeracy Hour.
You will find puzzles and games galore to please and tease your mind at this site. Some of the simpler word and maths games would be useful for reinforcing learning, literacy and numeracy at Key Stage 1, and older children and adults alike will enjoy much of what else is on offer. You can also do unpleasant things to the Spice Girls!

Mathematical Games
Five maths games with a difference allow children to follow directions, construct their own boards and even formulate their own rules for an unknown game. The ideas come from Indian rock carvings depicting board games and, with suitable direction, children can apply their own knowledge to solve problems relating to the individual games and improve their numeracy. A fun applied resource for Key Stage 2 maths pupils and the Daily Maths Lesson.

For a little light-hearted but, nonetheless, useful maths practice, why not visit the Mathemagic site and enter into some number wizardry. Children love card tricks and puzzles and you will find a few here that will leave those not in the know spellbound whilst developing their numeracy skills.

If you have an up-to-date browser, JavaScript and a few plug-ins, you will be able to take full advantage of this busy website which is packed with games, puzzles and free software to help teach maths and numeracy skills. There are also articles on various aspects of maths teaching, links, and resources for those with less sophisticated software.

Birminghams Maths Site
This site includes a numeracy centre, pupil areas and also links to other Maths resources.

BBC Megamaths
This is a lively, interactive web site for practising and testing times tables and is based on the TV programme. You practise the maths by playing the games.

BBC Maths File
Welcome to the Mapamatic Desert Challenge, part of the BBC Education Maths File. In a quest to retrieve your treasure from across the desert wastes, you must navigate your way round obstacles, refuelling and changing your money as you cross into new territories.

The Universal Currency Converter
Get the children in your class number crunching and sharpening their numeracy skills! Use the following site first, Children can then check on a large range of international currency rates. When they have some rates, they can convert some figures from one currency to another by applying their own mathematical knowledge. By using the main site address, children can check their conversions immediately online - maybe they can discover in which countries they are millionaires!

The Web Classroom
A site that enables straightforward times tables practice. Pupils are posed with the question, prompted for an answer and then told whether correct or not. If correct, they are given a trivia question which helps extend general knowledge and adds interest to a traditionally boring exercise. A simple and useful numeracy resource.

The Premier League and Football League All Time Table
This site assembles football statistics for all league clubs in the UK from origin to 1997. The statistics can be used to rank clubs according to an all time Premier League, home and away wins, most goals, etc. The class could practise ordering numbers over 1000 as part of the Numeracy Hour.

Fraction Shapes
Using pattern-block activities, this site offers a way for children to investigate some common shapes with a view to reinforcing their understanding of fractions and improving numeracy. It includes teacher's notes and useful pages to download. A teacher will need to take the maths class through the lessons but it would be a handy resource for the Daily Maths Lesson.

Quick and Easy Maths Games for Early Years
Provides simple games that involve numbers or other maths ideas, several of which are suitable for 5- to 7-year-olds. Children can practise the number line and counting with games such as 'Guess my Number'. Other games are also adaptable for this age-group and could make a good resource for the Numeracy Hour.

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