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Headline History

Headline History

This website uses real actors to bring to life four periods of history: Tudors, World War 2, Victorians and Romans. It is aimed at 7-14 year olds who can become reporters on a series of virtual newspapers and interview famous historical characters. Timelines put events into context and an events and venues section allows users to see what's going on in their region. Children can submit their own local history stories which will be published on the site.

The site is free to use, Curriculum Online accredited and won an Interactive Bafta in March 2005. It was created by Northcliffe Electronic Published and funded by Culture Online, part of the DCMS.

It's also been endorsed by BBC presenters Dick and Dom; author Jacqueline Wilson and actor Tony Robinson.


Your one stop for science education. What's between you and science teaching excellence? The answer?......... A mouse!

Scienceonestop is a central point of reference for all primary and secondary school science teachers and technicians, offering a unique opportunity for practitioners to enhance their knowledge and experience of science and science education and for specialist organisations to raise their profile and to educate the more influential members of their niche audience.

Red Nose Day 2005

Get ready to go beyond...the biggest re-style in history is just around the corner.

On friday 11 march big hair & beyond is your chance to change the way you look and help transform someone else's life. whatever you do - just do something this red nose day.

Click here for more information

Talking Point

The first stop for information about speech and language development in children

Talking Point is your first stop on the internet for information about speech, language and communication difficulties in children

Creating Music is a children's online creative music environment for children of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Come discover fun and easy ways to make music!

Everything Education

Everything Education offers a variety of services for professionals working within Education. Our services harness the power of the World Wide Web to assist deliver the best educational standards.

To achieve more from your budget visit SchoolQuote. To obtain comprehensive and risk free vacancy advertising visit SchoolPost. To grab free stuff for your school visit The Blackboards.



Quality Teaching Resources Quality Teaching Resources™, a website designed with the busy primary teacher or student teacher in mind, dedicated to providing resources for all areas of the National Curriculum. We aim to provide the highest quality, FREE resources at all times.

@school the 2001 BETT award winner, gives pupils and teachers immediate access to thousands of web sites and online activities relevant to Key Stage 1 & 2, Special Needs and Early Years.

Original, free clip art images are available on the @school site, building a valuable resource for projects.

WWW sites are constantly being vetted and links updated in line with changes to the national curriculum, QCA Schemes of Work and new sites becoming available.

@school is free from advertising and acts as gateway to thousands of resources including: online assessment activities; learning tools; resource materials and online educational activities. Visit online.


Grid Club

GridClub is a safe online club for children.

GridClub is a DfEE-funded project that will grow over the next three years into a fantastic resource, designed especially for 7 to 11 year old children. Here you will find help notes and advice for parents, teachers and other supporting adults.

Based around safe chatrooms or clubs GridClub only allows pupil access if their school is registered.

Click here for more information...

Site of the Week

Bob the Builder

Excellent resource for KS1. Plenty of interactive games and exercises all based around Bob and his friends. Activities cover control, painting, puzzle solving and more.. Sure to be a hit with younger pupils.

Site of the Week

The Magic Factory

From the National Museum of Photography, film and television. Let Glowbug guide you through 5 games about light and colour. Each game comes with a downloadable teacher's worksheet and there is a prize for each level completed. Useful for KS2 revision.

Site of the Week

Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures

In Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures students are exposed to real life environmental problems. Activities from various disciplines are integrated into each story to allow students to see the connectedness and relevance of math, science, geography, language arts, and cultural experiences.

Just a great looking site. Very, very cool!

Cadbury Learning Zone

New for 2001. Free access based online learning resources developed in partnership with education specialists. Areas include Maths in the Factory, Cadbury's History and Environmental Education. All very purple but very well designed and good fun too!

Children's Moneyworld

NGFL approved content. Free worksheets, actiuvities, colouring games galore. "Meet the Moneykins and hear them sing." Extremely useful site for everything about money. Includes teacher notes and guidance for parents.


"If you're searching for quality educational software that will give you the tools you need to easily and quickly create targeted worksheets to help students gain proficiency in the basic academic skills, then you've come to the right place. "

Free and trial versions of some really useful pieces of software. Maths worksheet generators and word searches. All very easy to use and customise.

From the Guardian. Content based site that is starting to produce. Claims to cover "every dot and comma of the national curriculum in the form of interactive on-line lessons." The lessons are in forms of units that are linked closely to units of the schemes of work for Key Stages 2 and 3.

They are currently looking for teachers to write and provide content so it could be well worth a visit!

Website from the Merseygrid project. Supporting both primary and secondary schools in the Merseyside region. This site provides access to some excellent resources especially at Key Stage 2.

Absolute Early Years magic. Especially if you are lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard.

The FishBone a Fone is a must!

The whole site is also available in French and in part in a number of European languages.

Curriculum Resources from The BBC Education WebGuide - A searchable directory of over 3000 of the best websites for learning, selected and reviewed by subject specialists.

Resources for teachers @ Ambleside Primary School
BECTA award winning site and you can see why. Jam packed full of ideas and resources.

Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
Looking for big books online. The most excellent of sites to support the Literacy Hour at Key Stage 1. Big books, activities and PLANNING!!

"The only website you will ever need"
Excellent database of educational links that you can amend and add to. Fully categorised and searchable.

English Resources
Free teaching and revision resources
a voluntarily run site that provides free resources for teaching and revising High School English Language and Literature.

Superb use of Shockwave Flash. A collection of free movies covering health, science and technology.

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