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School links - Fancy an e-partner for your school? Choose from the school linking services below.

School Links- Join the world's largest online classroom community - its free and easy! Once registered, you'll get access to all of ePALS' educational tools and resources including ePALS Webmail, Monitored Email, instant language translation, and more. You'll also be able to add your classroom, contact other classrooms, and get access to learning materials and tools.
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Windows on the World is a database for schools and colleges (5 - 19 age range) looking for partner schools anywhere on the planet to develop international education projects. School links promote international understanding, empathy and awareness of cultural diversity amongst teachers and pupils School links deliver the curriculum in a new and exciting way Windows on the World is managed by the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges in the UK, but it is open to all schools. They can use the site to advertise to others that they are looking for a partner by registering with 'School Gates' or they can search the hundreds of other schools and colleges that are already on the site. School Links....

The World Links for Development (WorLD) program provides Internet connectivity and training for teachers, teacher trainers and students in developing countries in the use of technology in education. WorLD then links students and teachers in secondary schools in developing countries with schools in industrialized countries for collaborative learning via the Internet.

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